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Hi! Im a professional web developer and UX/UI designer.

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Building responsive interactive design all through front end work. Designing web applications build with HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and PHP. Including JS frameworks like Bootstrap JS and AngularJS. As well as building through web environments like Drupal and Wordpress CMS's.

jQuery | JS
Bootstrap | AngularJS
Drupal | Wordpress
  • HTML5 CSS3

    That's me!

    Want responsive and scalable wed design go no further

  • jQuery / JS

    Also me!

    The strongest and greatest tools in my arsenal. Whether is an AJAX call or an onClick function, I got it!

  • Bootstrap / AngualrJS

    Also me!

    Build dynamic content with bootstrap library or build a ful SPA framework with AngularJS!

  • Drupal or Wordpress

    And me again!

    Wanna build a CMS? Doesnt come simpler then Drupal and Wordpress.

About Little Old Me

Web development came naturally for me as a fusion of computer programming and design, a self-manifestation of art and digital culture. My quality of work expands and grows with each client, whether an individual or organization.

Emmanuel Cruz

Designer | Developer | Artist

Emmanuel Cruz was raised in New York City. In high school Emmanuel was involve in performing arts, drawing, and painting activities. His involvement in art grew to a higher extent exiting high school when he enrolled into Parsons The New School for Design. There he won a full scholarship to attend Parsons School of Design. From there Emmanuel entered into the Design and Technology Department where he learn about computer languages, motion graphics, 3d modeling, web design, video editing, and electrical engineering. Since graduation Emmanuel has worked primarily as a web desiner and front end developer. His diverse qualities can be seen on his intensive portfolio. Hobbies include film, photography, and boxing.


Hey guys this is my stash look around explore and enjoy!

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